Get Set For Business

Through my Get Set For Business and Personal Development blog, I write a straight forward no nonsense view on current best practice and innovative ways to get a business off the ground, often the barriers to starting a business in the UK are centered around the confidence to take the step or knowing where we can find out more on a particular topic.

Along with my blog I run Training and Coaching sessions for Small Business and Startups, focused on personal development for all. Starting from where we are….

My name is Michael and I have considerable experience in building teams and writing inspirational leadership and customer focus training workshops for SME’s across the UK. I still deliver the majority of our training courses personally. Up until launching my coaching and training business I spent 20 years in Logistics at a senior level, the skills developed in that industry transfer across multiple sectors, I am passionate about helping your business achieve your targets and goals.


This blog is for those of us who have spent endless hours researching support for UK Start Ups. There used to be a time when we could pick up the phone and speak to a business adviser as part of the Governments drive to promote entrepreneurship. It’s true to say a lot of that information can still be found online via the .gov portal, yet trying to make sense of it can very quickly have us going round in circles, happily clicking from one link to the next.

Through this blog I will attempt to cut through the jargon and offer snippets of information on numerous topics from goal setting to Venture Capitalists.

Please get in touch with us here  if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading,


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