4 Business Lessons From Nature

The natural world has a lot to teach us about business structure, practice and strategy. The following are a few insights into how we can replicate what is a very successful natural business model.

1/ Evolution / Change Management

From the beginning of life on earth organisms have adapted to survive in ever changing environments. Those that are quick in evolutionary terms to see change coming survive across multiple era’s and lay down a template for their ancestors to follow and thrive. Review and develop your products or services to better reflect what is happening around your business. Take time to imagine what your business will look like in 5 or 10 years based on no ICT barriers. The pace at which technology is moving allows us to be free with our ideas, think the impossible and the realistic, we’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle.


2/ Horticultural root development / Market Research

Plants take advantage of suitable soil conditions and select areas that consistently meet their needs. They establish themselves by spending time and effort on looking after the roots which continually change direction exploiting the path of least resistance.

Do the ground work on finding out who your customers are, setting down strong roots for sustainable growth. Much like the plants check to see if similar businesses have operated in the area with any success, can we learn from their endeavours?


3/ Swallows flying south / Teamwork delivering business goals

Swallows have an interesting work ethic; each bird learns to navigate a route to their favoured migration site from a young age. They improve with experience, adjusting for wind and checking progress against a combination of the sun and landmarks. Taken it in turns at the front to maximise effort and allow for recovery while on the wing.

Growing our teams and trusting their skills will instil a culture of personal development, peer mentoring, increased productivity and a sense of self-worth that contributes to the wider Company goals.


4/ Iceberg structure / Under promise and over-deliver

When viewed from the surface the humble iceberg while beautiful is just a slab of ice floating in water. On closer inspection beneath the waves our friend the iceberg becomes an awe-inspiring mass of strength and power. Providing a solid base for the exposed section to tackle the unpredictable elements and natural changes in the world.

Our sales teams are constantly fighting the hazards of an increasingly competitive environment, affording them full support and back up of the Company allows them ultimately to undersell so the operations team can over deliver and secure repeat business.

Download more useful Business Support PDF’s from our web site HERE.

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